A New and Enriched Framework

  • Jennifer Shein
  • Charles P. Chen


The current study sought to deepen our understanding of how individuals’ lives are enriched by occupying work and family roles. This study is one of the first pieces of empirical evidence supporting the process of the enrichment phenomenon, whereby resources accrued in one role are transferred and successfully applied in another role, improving performance in that role. Through this study, an untested conceptual model (Greenhaus & Powell, 2006) has been examined empirically, and in so doing, has been extended and refined to become a more parsimonious explanation of the observed phenomenon. In addition, new aspects of the phenomenon under study were discovered. This chapter will present a summary and interpretation of the key findings and will contextualize these findings in light of previous theory and research. It will next discuss research implications and practical implications. The chapter will close with the limitations of the study, as well as future directions for research.


Multiple Role Work Role Critical Incident Family Domain Family Role 
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