Categories of Positive Affect

  • Jennifer Shein
  • Charles P. Chen


As explained in Chapter Four during the presentation of the elaborated theoretical model of enrichment, the resources accrued in work and family roles could either produce non-facilitative affect, facilitative affect, or, in some cases, no identifiable positive affect. To re-iterate, non-facilitative affect implies that while a resource experienced by a participant in Role A may produce a particular positive affect, the affect itself is not implicated in the improved performance in Role B; rather, the transfer of the resource itself is responsible for their improved performance (recall the Instrumental Pathway). Facilitative affect implies that the resource experienced by a participant in Role A produces positive affect that is implicated in their improved performance in Role B (recall the Affective and Mixed Pathways). The simplest way to describe the difference between facilitative and non-facilitative positive affect is to equate non-facilitative affect with “feeling” and facilitative affect with “doing”. In this sense, facilitative affect is a catalyst; when facilitative affect is generated due to a resource accrued in Role A, it propels the individual to do something in Role B that results in improved performance in Role B. In contrast, non-facilitative affect is merely a feeling, mood state or sentiment generated due to a resource in Role A that does not affect performance in Role B. This chapter will present the various categories of non-facilitative and facilitative affect respectively, with corresponding participant quotes to illustrate the constructs.


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