Role Salience Trends, Quality Of Life, And The Elaborated Model

  • Jennifer Shein
  • Charles P. Chen


During the interviews, participants were asked which roles they considered to be most salient to their self-concept. All but two of the 21 participants identified their parental role as the most salient to their identity. One female participant mentioned the role of manager as most salient, and another female participant mentioned her spousal role as most salient. Four participants ordered their work role prior to their spousal role in listing the top roles associated with their identity. One participant indicated that her most salient role changes according to the context in which she is located; outside of the office, she thinks of herself as “mother of [x number of children]”, while in a business context, she considers herself “Head of Group/MBA”. Another participant did not separate her work and family roles, noting that she sees herself as a “working mom”. Also worth noting is that very few participants included roles other than those of parent, spouse, or manager when listing the roles most salient to their identity. Two participants included the role of ‘child’, and one participant included ‘sister’ among their most salient roles.


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