Theoretical And Empirical Foundation

  • Jennifer Shein
  • Charles P. Chen


This chapter will provide a more detailed account of the existing literature on the benefits of engaging in multiple roles. In order to contextualize the current study, it will begin with a description of Super’s Life-span, Life-space approach to career development, presenting a graphic depiction and explanation of how he believed individuals integrate multiple roles in their life-careers. Next, it will present previous research on the positive side of occupying multiple roles, initially by differentiating the constructs described in the literature, including enrichment, positive spillover, enhancement, and facilitation, and then by detailing the findings accrued within each category. It will then describe, in greater detail, Greenhaus and Powell’s (2006) theoretical model of work-family enrichment. It will also discuss the first published global measure of work-family enrichment (Carlson et al., 2006). Finally, it will state the research questions of the current study.


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