• Jennifer Shein
  • Charles P. Chen


This book presents a study that seeks to explore the positive side of occupying both work and family roles; specifically, to elucidate how multiple role participation results in improved performance in each domain. This is the essence of work-family enrichment (Greenhaus&Powell, 2006), an emerging construct in the work-family literature. This introductory section will begin with a description of the surge of interest in the work-family interface, followed by a discussion of the competing assumptions of the depletion argument and the role accumulation perspective. It will then present a metatheory for understanding life-role interaction and integration; namely, Donald Super’s (1980, 1990) Life-span, Life-space approach to career development. It will describe current trends in the investigation of the positive side of the work-family interface, and a most recent theoretical model of enrichment. It will provide a rationale for conducting qualitative research to validate a conceptual framework that has yet to develop an empirical basis. Finally, it will introduce the current study; an exploration of work-family enrichment among senior managers in the financial services industry.


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