Superfamily Lepocreadioidea Odhner, 1905

  • Rokkam MadhaviEmail author
  • Rodney A. Bray


Members of this superfamily are mainly parasites in the gut of marine teleosts. Morphologically they exhibit similarities to Allocreadioidea Looss, 1902, but an obvious difference is the spined tegument as against smooth tegument in allocreadiids. Differences also occur in the life cycle pattern and the cercarial characters between the two groups. In a recent reorganization of the superfamily utilizing the phylogenetic estimates inferred from molecular sequences, Bray & Cribb (2012) split the old family Lepocreadiidae into three major families: Lepocreadiidae, Aephnidiogenidae and Lepidapedidae. They also recognized the families Enenteridae, Gyliauchenidae and Gorgocephalidae.

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