Architectural Analysis of a Baseline ISP Pipeline

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An ISP is an entity that performs various image-processing algorithms on a raw image from an image sensor. A number of functions are incorporated in an ISP, and they are combined together similarly but differently among ISP implementers. ISP functions are divided into pixel-based and frame-based ones, and are dedicated to one of three color domains in Bayer, RGB, or YCbCr. Although it is an essential component for a camera system, surprisingly, its architecture has not been analyzed in the context of standards. The purpose of this chapter is to remove ambiguity when analyzing an ISP architecture or designing a new ISP architecture. At the end of this chapter, a baseline ISP pipeline is presented, which is tentatively built to conform to the existing standards.


Image signal processor Image pipeline Image sensor Bayer sensor 



This work is supported by the Center for Integrated Smart Sensors funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning as the Global Frontier Project.


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