Ethics of Breath and the Atmosphere of Politics

  • Lenart Škof
Part of the Sophia Studies in Cross-cultural Philosophy of Traditions and Cultures book series (SCPT, volume 10)


In this chapter, we summarise some of our previous arguments and propose—also with the help of a series of models—a new and original thought based on our mesocosmic (and essentially intercultural) awareness of breath and the related atmosphere of politics. We propose that thinking the way of peace (and nonviolence) could be reachable only through dynamics of a triadic structure(s), as proposed in the concluding chapter of this book. This thought really originates from Josiah Royce’s original observations on C. S. Peirce’s semiotics and its triadic scheme (intepreter–interpretant–interpretee) from the essay “The Neighbor: Love and Hate”, which concludes this chapter.


Mesocosm C.S. Peirce Triadic rituals Peace Atmosphere of politics 


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