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It has been almost 10 years since the first handbook of the sociology of emotions (Stets and Turner, Handbook of the sociology of emotions, 2006). In 2008, this first handbook received the “Outstanding Recent Contribution” in the Emotions Section of the American Sociological Association. We anticipate this second volume to make just as important a contribution.

Volume II presents all new chapters in this ever developing area of sociology. It will be a place where social scientists can obtain a good theoretical and empirical understanding of sociological work on emotions. This volume is divided into two sections: Theoretical Perspectives on Emotions and Social Arenas of Emotions. Major sociological theories on emotions that are reviewed in Volume II include evolutionary theory, identity theory, affect control theory, social exchange theory, ritual theory, and cultural theory among others. Social arenas where emotions are examined include, but are not limited to, the economy and the workplace, the family, mental health, crime, sports, technology, social movements, and the field of science. All the chapters review the major theories and research in the area, and each chapter ends with some discussion of directions for future research.


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