Konstantin Vasiljevich Frolov (1932–2007)

  • Olga EgorovaEmail author
Part of the History of Mechanism and Machine Science book series (HMMS, volume 26)


Konstantin Vasiljevich Frolov was a well-known scientist and one of the pioneers of vibration study, including its influence on machines and human beings. He received many high honors and awards in his Motherland and great recognition abroad. He devoted his life to the development and promotion of the Russian (Soviet) Engineering School, contributing to modern Mechanism and Machine Science through his work as engineer, scientist, and as the Director of the Institute for Machine Science named after A. A. Blagonravov of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.


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The author wishes to thank the employees of IMASH Library, of the BMSTU Library, and especially the Head of Chair «Theory of Mechanisms and Machines» at BMSTU, Professor, Dc. Sc. Eng., Gennady Alexeevich Timofeev.


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