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  • Helena Molina-Ureña
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“Marine Areas of Responsible Fishing”: A Path Toward Small-Scale Fisheries Co-Management in Costa Rica? Perspectives from Golfo Dulce

Luc Fargier, Hans J. Hartmann and Helena Molina-Ureña

Erratum to:

Chapter 10 in: F. Amezcua, B. Bellgraph (eds.), Fisheries Management of Mexican and Central American Estuaries, Estuaries of the World, DOI 10.1007/978-94-017-8917-2_10

The Publisher regrets to inform that in the current chapter, the image and references related to appendix 1 is missing. The correct version of the appendix is as follows:

Appendix 1 Co-management potential evaluation matrix from a literature synthesis of case studies analyzing fisheries participative processes. Numbers in the references column correspond to the following publications: 1, Chuenpagdee and Jentoft (2007) ; 2, Carlsson and Berkes (2005) ; 3, Govan (2008); 4, Nielsen et al. (2004); 5, McConney and Baldeo (2007); 6, Geoghegan and Renard (2002); 7, Geoghegan et al. (1999); 8, Renard (2001); 9, Cumberbatch (2001); 10...


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  2. 2.CIMAR (Research Center in Marine Sciences and Limnology)Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR)San JoséCosta Rica

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