Computational Experiments in Trigonometry

  • Sergei AbramovichEmail author
Part of the Mathematics Education in the Digital Era book series (MEDE, volume 3)


In this chapter, the equation (6.1) where a, b and c are real parameters, a 2 + b 2 ≠ 0, will be considered. A problem-solving technique based on reducing trigonometric Eq. (6.1) to the system of simultaneous algebraic equations, (6.2–6.3) will be explored. In the digital era, trigonometry curriculum can be made enjoyable provided that computer applications are used to illuminate mathematical ideas. Towards this end, the chapter will emphasize the importance of technology for the teachers’ understanding of connections that exist between trigonometry and geometry.


Circular functions Arc functions Geometric connections STEM education Trigonometric identities Trigonometric equations Trigonometric inequalities Sign diagrams Partitioning diagrams Necessary conditions Sufficient conditions Proving the Graphing Calculator Wolfram Alpha 

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