Inequalities with Parameters as Generators of New Meanings

  • Sergei AbramovichEmail author
Part of the Mathematics Education in the Digital Era book series (MEDE, volume 3)


This chapter concerns the exploration of inequalities with parameters. The use of graphical strategies for solving one-variable inequalities made possible by TEMP supported by the Graphing Calculator was shown in Chap. 2. As will be demonstrated below, such an approach proves to be especially fruitful when dealing with inequalities with parameters. The aim of this chapter is to show how TEMP can be incorporated into this more advanced context (which also includes simultaneous inequalities with parameters) through a combination of computational and analytical problem-solving techniques. These techniques are based on the method of locus construction used in the previous chapter when dealing with equations with parameters.


Parameter Locus Inequality Absolute value 3D graphing Problem posing Simultaneous inequalities Necessary conditions Sufficient conditions Qualitative methods Location of roots the Graphing Calculator Maple Wolfram Alpha 

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