Andrea Levialdi in Memoriam

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Professor Andrea Levialdi was born in Bologna Italy in 1911, son of a very modest scientist who at the time was active in the socialist ranks. From an early age Levialdi felt the contradictions between the bourgeois environment surrounding him and his family’s deep antifascism. He earned a doctorate in mathematics and physics at the University of Rome in 1937 with a dissertation on photoelasticity, methods and applications. Soon after, he was awarded a scholarship for specializing in optics at the Arcetri National Optics Institute (Florence).


Socialist Rank National Astronomical Observatory Military Defense Peace Movement Aires Faculty 
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The author is grateful to Prof. Levialdi’s widow, née Veronica Kleiber, who was with him on his last trip to Cuba, for providing nearly all the information included in this obituary related to his European years.

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