Physics Studies at the University of Havana

  • Osvaldo de Melo PereiraEmail author
  • María Sánchez Colina
Part of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science book series (BSPS, volume 304)


The licenciatura en física degree course was created as part of the 1962 University Reform. It started at the Physics School within the Science Faculty of the University of Havana, also including the Schools of Mathematics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Geography and Psychology (Henriques Rodríguez, Daisy, R, Revista Cubana de Educación Superior XXI(8), 2001). The degree of licenciado had replaced that of baciller since 1880, but only the physico-mathematical sciences and physico-chemical sciences degree courses existed prior to the 1962 university reform. In this paper, we will analyze some data concerning the undergraduate and graduate studies during the 46 years elapsed since the creation of the physics degree course at the University of Havana. Several related issues, such as the development of scientific research and the influence of international collaboration, are dealt with in other contributions to this volume.


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We acknowledge several colleagues from the Physics Faculty at University of Havana for their useful suggestions and comments, especially Dr. Carlos Rodríguez-Castellanos for the critical reading of the manuscript and providing some of the data. We also acknowledge J. Almaral, A. Cedeño, O. González and M. Coderch for their help in the search for information.


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