Muscle Protein Characteristic and Its Association with Faster Growth in Percids and Other Teleosts

  • Karolina KwasekEmail author
  • Macdonald Wick
  • Konrad Dabrowski


This chapter provides a brief review of the current state of knowledge regarding fish skeletal muscle characteristics, factors affecting muscle growth, and proteomic based research in teleost fish with emphasis on percids. Part of the review includes a study that investigated genetic outcome that underlie the growth potential of muscle of yellow perch Perca flavescens. More specifically, it compared skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic proteins/peptides between fast- and slow-growing yellow perch in order to identify the differences in expression of skeletal muscle proteins in fish exhibiting different growth capabilities. Briefly, the study identified bands that presented different staining intensities between fast- and slow-growing fish by using 1D electrophoresis. It also demonstrated muscle metabolic enzymes identified by protein sequencing using nano-LC/MS/MS. The results of the present work contribute to the identification of genetic traits that affect the growth superiority in fish in controlled conditions. Therefore it could become a tool for selection of breeders with the potential for increased protein accretion associated with rapid muscle growth, and hence, the production of larger fish.


Yellow perch Skeletal muscle Myogenesis Growth hormone Proteomics 


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