Metal Complexes as Photosensitizers in Photoelectrochemical Cells

  • M. Grätzel
  • K. Kalyanasundaram
Part of the Catalysis by Metal Complexes book series (CMCO, volume 14)


Conversion of visible light to electricity using semiconductors as light absorbers is a topic of much interest to scientists. Highly efficient photovoltaic cells based on silicon (light-to-electrical conversion efficiency ≥25%) were developed in the seventies as a by-product of the extensive research that went into the design of solar cells that powered the manned and unmanned satellites in the outer space. Chemists then started investigating semiconductor-redox electrolyte liquid-junctions and related photoelectrochemical cells [1–3] as a possible means of solar energy conversion to electricity. Inspite of enormous problems posed by photocorrosion and surface imperfections/defects in these “wet photovoltaic cells”, conversion efficiencies of over 15% have been obtained in the eighties on solar cells composed of single crystals of Si or GaAs [4,5]. Techniques are now available to treat the surface imperfections but photocorrosion still remains a serious problem limiting the practical application of this type of liquid-junction solar cells.


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