Optimal Design and Multicriteria Control

  • Roman B. Statnikov
Part of the Applied Optimization book series (APOP, volume 26)


The efficiency of the functioning of the majority of engineering systems, be it an automobile, an aircraft or their engines, to a considerable extent depends on how close to perfect is the design of the system and how high is the quality of control of regulated parts of the system. It should be noted that by quality of control we imply the operating efficiency of a system of automatic control rather than the quality of the control actions of a person. The traditional approach to the creation of controlled engineering systems involves the solutions of two optimization problems: the problem of optimal design and the problem of optimal control. These problems are solved successively and independently of each other. As a rule the requirements of the efficiency of the automatic control system are not taken into account at the design stage. Such a philosophy is reflected even in the structure of organizations dealing with the development of complex engineering systems; in such organizations, design and control problems are solved in different departments.


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