On-Line Monitoring of Intracellular Properties and Its Use in Bioreactor Operation



Biotechnology products ed by recombinant organisms frequently require optimization of bioreactor operation. Traditionally, methods of optimization involved manipulation of cultivation and environmental variables such as temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen concentration. However, methods of optimization based on the ‘metabolic state’ of cells in the bioreactor may be more desirable than the methods based on environmental variables. ‘Metabolic state’ is used here to refer to the internal state of cells. Examples of metabolic states include aerobic and anaerobic, oxidative and reductive, ATP-rich and ATP-poor, high and low intracellular pH and others. The effort to develop operating strategies based on ‘metabolic state’ have been hampered due to lack of suitable measurement of ‘metabolic state’ itself. In this paper, we review the principle of measuring on-line intracellular pH and its use in developing cultivation strategies.


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