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Cosmological models with positive spatial curvature are also of interest [96] . These models have attracted less attention since they are more complicated mathematically. Positive-curvature FRW models [171, 350, 361, 363], Kantowski-Sachs models [71] and Bianchi type IX models [216, 345, 351, 363] have been studied using qualitative methods, although more rigorous analyses using bounded variables have not been carried out until recently [96, 155]. The Bianchi type IX models are known to have very complicated dynamics, exhibiting the characteristics of chaos [182, 363], and are hence beyond the scope of the present analysis. In this Chapter we shall discuss the qualitative properties of the positive-curvature FRW models and the Kantowski-Sachs models with a barotropic fluid and a non-interacting scalar field with an exponential potential [96].


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