Discussion of the Origin and Overcoming of Evil and Suffering in Judaism and Hinduism

Part of the A Discourse of the World Religions book series (DOWR, volume 2)


Every individual has his own view of this question: there is no such thing as the Jewish view, the Buddhist view, the Christian view, etc. Many Jewish views differ from the Christian concept of original sin, if it is a Christian concept. The rationalist interpretation of Maimonides seems interesting to me in this context. According to it, Adam possessed all the knowledge he needed before the Fall; he had a share of divine knowledge, which he forfeited after the Fall in exchange for lesser knowledge (concerned with everyday matters such as food and clothing, as well as moral questions). Many Jews interpret the Fall not so much as sin, but as (lacking) interest in a knowledge of lower (non-essential) things, which separates us from divine wisdom. Evil and suffering have their starting point here. (Leaman)


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