This chapter discusses the role and development of user interfaces in decision support. The role is multiple and involves the following:
  • Organizing the decision support system (DSS) as well as helping the user to organize the decision process.

  • Conveying the commands of the user to the DSS and providing for other forms of interaction.

  • Displaying to the user the results of analysis prepared by the DSS.


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  1. 1.
    Preserving cultural diversity — not only related to national and regional cultures, but also to those resulting from various professions — is an important goal of human civilization, especially when globalization and computerization trends promote cultural uniformization.Google Scholar
  2. 2.
    The method of choosing the plane is described in Lewandowski and Granat (1991).Google Scholar
  3. 4.
    Note that a variable can also represent more complicated forms of criteria (e.g., following a trajectory, minimization of a distance). Examples of various types of criteria (which are formally represented by a variable, whose value is either minimized or maximized) and the way to handle so-called soft constraints can be found in Makowski (1994c).Google Scholar
  4. 5.
    The utopia and nadir points (in the space of criteria) are vectors composed of the best and worst values of the criteria in the efficient set. As indicated in earlier chapters, computation of a nadir point for problems with more than two criteria may be very difficult. The nadir point plays a minor albeit informative role in the approach presented here and there is no justification for spending resources in order to get a better approximation. Hence, as an approximation of nadir, we assume the worst value of a corresponding criterion obtained during the analysis.Google Scholar

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