Late Babylonian Eclipse Records

Part of the Archimedes book series (ARIM, volume 4)


The following tables list all of the lunar and solar eclipse recorded in the Late Babylonian Astronomical Diaries (D), the Eclipse Texts (ET), the Normal Star Almanacs (NSA), the Almanacs (A), the Goal-Year Texts (GYT), and the Horoscopes (H). The tables are arranged chronologically by the date of the earliest record on the tablet. For convenience, tablets are listed both by their museum number and, where appropriate, by their position in the LBAT catalogue of Sachs (1955). Observed eclipses are denoted by an “0” in the fifth column; predicted eclipses by a “P.” Eclipses with preserved times used in this study are indicated by a “Y” in the sixth column; those without a fully preserved time are indicated by an “N.” Finally, the seventh column contains any comments on the record, including cross references to other records of the same eclipse.


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