Motivating Verb Movement

  • Rakesh Mohan Bhatt
Part of the Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory book series (SNLT, volume 46)


After detailing a descriptive sketch of Kashmiri V2, this chapter examines the category Comp and reveals two functions that are, cross-linguistically, associated with it: clause-type (Mood) and subordination marking. Under the assumption that mood (clause-type) marking is universally required, a parametric account of V2 is proposed that generalizes over all of Germanic and Kashmiri. The chapter, then, explores the favorable consequences of the proposed parameterized account of V2, providing, among other things, an account of why V2 is blocked in relative and subordinate adverbial clauses in Kashmiri. I begin by offering a critique of some influential accounts of V2, demonstrating their inadequacy in dealing with the Kashmiri data.


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