Many-Particles Hydrodynamic Interactions. Sedimentation

  • Z. Zapryanov
  • S. Tabakova
Part of the Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (FMIA, volume 50)


A knowledge of the hydrodynamic action on an assemblage of small rigid or fluid particles suspended or dispersed in a viscous fluid in motion is of fundamental importance in a variety of engineering applications, including advanced material processing, enhanced oil recovery, waste treatment, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and so on. Any theory that attempts to describe the dynamics of a system of rigid or fluid particles suspended (or dispersed) in a moving fluid must address the issue of hydrodynamic interactions among particles. However, the only exact general solutions for hydrodynamic interactions known to date are those for two rigid or fluid particles systems (see Chapter 7).


Sedimentation Velocity Settling Velocity Fluid Particle Hydrodynamic Interaction Stoke Flow 
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