Hydrodynamic Interaction between Particles and Effective Viscosity of Suspensions and Emulsions

  • Z. Zapryanov
  • S. Tabakova
Part of the Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (FMIA, volume 50)


In a two component disperse system consisting of a fluid and suspended in it particles (rigid or fluid), the average properties of the particles determine the corresponding bulk or collective properties of the disperse system. For some purposes it is useful to think of the suspension or emulsion as an equivalent to a continuous medium with certain effective properties. In order to determine each of these collective properties of the dispersion, we have to make the next two steps: (i) to calculate the relevant property of a particle of a given size, orientation, neighbour-configuration, etc. and (ii) to take an average of its property over all possible values of the size, etc., with appropriate probability weighted functions.


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