Case Study Design

  • Sander V. Meijerink
Part of the Environment & Policy book series (ENPO, volume 17)


This chapter contains the research design for the case study presented in Part II of the thesis. First, in Section 3.2 some difficulties of developing predictive theories of decision making are discussed shortly. Subsequently, in Section 3.3 the rationality of the use of a case study approach is discussed, and the selection and delineation of the case study are clarified. In Section 3.4 the problem statement formulated in Chapter 1 is elaborated, and using the theory treated in Chapter 2 seven descriptive, explanatory, and prescriptive research questions are formulated. Section 3.5 discusses the methods of data collection, and the main data sources consulted. Section 3.6 concludes this chapter with a guide for the reader of the case study reports presented in Part II.


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