Environment, Maldevelopment, and Violent Conflict
  • Günther Baechler
Part of the Social Indicators Research Series book series (SINS, volume 2)


Conflicts have always existed in human societies. What changes over time are the sources of conflicts, the forms that conflicts take according to available arms technologies, and the types of parties to a conflict, such as tribes, states, ethnic groups, social groups, etc. Finally, conflict behavior has also changed. Today environmentally caused conflicts appear in the light of the development dilemma, that is the specific contradictions in the societal nature relationships produced by maldevelopment. The sheer coincidence of underdevelopment, transformation of landscape, and violent conflicts or wars in many regions of the South and East leads to the supposition that analysts are not confronted with an isolated phenomenon in one specific area alone. Many local or regional forms of conflict conform to a general basic pattern. Their origins possibly stem invariably from qualitative and quantitative changes in transformed ecoregions, which impose stress upon human habitat. The coincidence of the three phenomena may therefore indicate that meaningful correlations exist.


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