Table of Inequalities in Eliiptic Boundary Value Problems

  • C. Bandle
  • M. Flucher
Part of the Mathematics and Its Applications book series (MAIA, volume 430)


This contribution contains a compiled list of inequalities that are frequently used in the calculus of variations and elliptic boundary value problems. The selection reflects the authors personal taste and experience. Purely one dimensional results are omitted. No proofs are given. Frequently we refer to textbooks rather than original sources. General references are Pólya and Szegö [73], Morrey [59], Giaquinta [33–34], Gilbarg and Trudinger [35], Kufner, John and Fucik [49], Ziemer [94]. We hope that this table will be useful to other mathematicians working in these fields and a stimulus to study some of the subjects more deeply.

Key words and phrases

Elliptic partial differential equations Calculus of variations Isoperimetric inequalities 


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  • M. Flucher
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