Inequalities for Norms of Intermediate Derivatives and Some Their Applications

  • Vladislav F. Babenko
Part of the Mathematics and Its Applications book series (MAIA, volume 430)


This survey is devoted to inequalities of Landau-Hadamard-Kolmogorov type for norms of intermediate derivatives of some classes of functions. Some general schemes for obtaining inequalities and their generalisations are presented. Inequalities for derivatives of half-integer orders and their applications in approximation theory, as well as the inequalities of Hörmander type on the half-line, are also considered.

Key words and phrases

Inequalities for norms Best constant Markov-Nikolskii type inequality Kolmogorov type inequality Multivariate function 2π-periodic function Derivatives of half-integer order Additive inequalities for derivatives Difference operators Differential operators 


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