Sallengre, La Monnoye, and the Traité des trois imposteurs

  • Brom Anderson
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The edition of the Traité des trois imposteurs published in Amsterdam in 1777 and republished by Rétat1 consists of four texts: the Traité,La Monnoye’s ‘Dissertation sur le livre intitulé des trois Imposteurs’, an anonymous ‘Réponse a la Dissertation de M. de la Monnoye’2, and a note, purporting to be a copy of the Mémoires de littérature, Vol. 1, Pt 2, Art. IX.3 This confirms the existence of the Traité but explains that it is clearly a modern, and not an ancient work, not only because it mentions Descartes but because it is based on the principles of the modern philosophy,4 introduced in the previous century by ‘the Descartes’s, the Gassendis, the Berniers and some others.’5


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