The Australian Centre for Minesite Rehabilitation Research — an Initiative to Meet the Strategic Research Needs for Sustainable Mining Rehabilitation



The Australian Centre for Minesite Rehabilitation Research (ACMRR) was established through a mining industry initiative to meet the need of industry, governments and the community for sustainable systems for land affected by exploration, mining and mineral processing activities. The Centre, which is a consortium of the major groups associated with mining rehabilitation research in Australia, has a focus on both strategic research and technology transfer and combines a wide range of multidisciplinary skills covering engineering and the physical and biological sciences. The paper briefly describes the goals, structure, expertise and research and technology transfer activities of the Centre. The major research program areas of waste rock dump and final void stability, acid mine drainage, tailings disposal and remediation of ecosystem reconstruction are described in the context of national priorities.

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Australian Centre for Minesite Rehabilitation Research waste rock dumps acid mine drainage ecosystem reconstruction tailings disposal 


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