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Most people find at least some other people mysterious. Some people find at least some others transparent. Some people are perhaps mysterious to some and transparent to others. Some people find all others mysterious. Perhaps there are some who find all other people transparently on view, though that seems (significantly) much more doubtful. Most of us, however, find that some people are more difficult than others to understand and people in general are more difficult to understand at some times than at others. Mostly, we get by well enough, sometimes regretting, sometimes welcoming, the degree of difficulty that attends the business of fathoming the actions of other people.


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    I owe these splendidly apposite quotations to John Wisdom who used them to prefix his contribution to the ‘Symposium: Other Minds’ (with J.L. Austin) Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, XX (1946) (supplementary volume) pp. 122–87. I comment on these passages at the end of chapter one.Google Scholar

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