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Body cigar-shaped. Onchiostyle relatively long, ventrally curved without basal knobs; guiding ring simple, surrounds anterior end of onchiostyle. Nerve ring about halfway the pharynx, at isthmus region. Pharynx with swollen posterior glandular bulb; five gland nuclei present: one posterior ventrosublateral pair, one small anterior ventrosublateral pair, and a single large dorsal nucleus; dorsal nucleus position varies within same species between anterior and posterior ventrosublateral pairs. Male with one testis, outstretched; precloacal supplements well developed; poorly developed caudal alae present or absent; spicules straight to ventrally curved, with or without ornamentation. Spicule protractor muscles form capsule of suspensor muscles around the spicules. Female reproductive system didelphic-amphidelphic or monodelphic-prodelphic, ovary (ovaries) reflexed; oviduct consisting of two finely granular cells; spermatheca(e) present or absent; rectum almost parallel to longitudinal body axis; anus subterminal. Tail short, maximum length one anal body width.


Copulatory Apparatus Longitudinal Body Axis Spicule Length Pharyngeal Bulb Pharyngeal Gland 
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