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Being an advocate of coherence, as well as an adherent, indeed a devotee, in so far as my logical acumen has been equal to the task, which is not, of course, to claim it has, and having, during the years of my advocacy, frequently been confronted both with the incredibly blank awful look of complete and utter incomprehension and with the impossibility, or what then seemed to be such, of, if not converting that blank to a knowing stare, at least scrawling a few lines across the void to lend it some semblance of structure, I find it encumbent on me at this point in time to lay bare its basic bones; for coherence, despite the enormous complexity of the issues into which it enters and despite the remarkably disparate character of the matters to which it pertains, is, in essence, a remarkably simple notion.


Time Travel Logical Structure Successor Relation Symbolic System Total Lack 
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