The Method of Idealization and Concretization

  • Leszek Nowak
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In the introduction to this book, I claimed that the reconstruction of the Marxian research practice will be a good starting point for the construction of the Marxist methodology, only in the case that Marx turns out to say something new from the standpoint of contemporary methodological schools. Now, it seems that it may be proved even on the basis of the indefinitely expressed characteristics of his method presented in the first chapter.


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    It does not imply that the method of idealization has not been noticed in methodology. On the contrary, many valuable observations and suggestions have been proposed (see, e.g., Hempel (1), Watkins (1), Bunge (1), Rudner (1)). What I mean is that this method has not been treated as the basic method of science. On the contrary - it has been ignored or interpreted in terms of other methods.Google Scholar

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