Syntactic Considerations

  • Kenneth A. Bowen
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We will adopt a good deal (but not all) of the notations and conventions of Shoenfield (1967) used for classical predicate logic. In particular, some of our metavariables are as follows: u, v, … for expressions, A, B, C, … for formulas, a, b, c, … for terms, and x, y, z, … for variables. We will use (1.1)
$${A_{{x_1}}} \ldots {x_n}\left[ {{a_1}, \ldots {a_n}} \right]$$
to indicate the result of simultaneously substituting the terms a 1,…, a n for the variables x 1,…, x n , respectively, where for i = 1, …, n, a i is free for x i. If the free variables of A are x 1,…, x n in alphabetic order (as given below), then A[a 1,…, a n ] is an abbreviation of (1.1).


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