Summary and Evaluation Dynamic Relations between the Man and the Movement of Life and Thought and Culture

  • William C. Lehmann
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To try now to capture, in a summary view, something of the dynamic relations that existed between Lord Kames’s life, work and thought and the cultural movement known as the Scottish Enlightenment, we may recall first his biographer’s statement, previously cited in part, to the effect that his life history was “so intimately connected with every species of improvement, whether of an intellectual or a political nature, that took place in Scotland during his age” as to make it in reality necessary, in order to give an adequate account of it, “not only to delineate the life of an individual Lawyer, Philosopher, Political Economist and Critic; but to exhibit the moral and political character of the Times in which he lived and to detail the progress of the Literature, Arts, Manners and General Improvement of Scotland during the greater part of the eighteenth century.”1


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