A Phytosociological Survey of Irish Grassland

(Preliminary results)
  • A. M. O’Sullivan
Part of the Berichte Über die Internationalen Symposia der Internationalen Vereinigung für Vegetationskunde book series (TUEN, volume 7)


Ireland is quite a small country measuring only 400 km by 300 km or roughly one fifth the size of Germany. It occupies a rather isolated position in that it lies at the extreme western edge of the Eurasian Continent. The topography and geology are in general related. The Central Plain covers about two thirds of the country and lies mainly on Carboniferous limestone. Around the edges of this huge plain are scattered mountain blocks composed of either metamorphic or igneous rocks. The main mountain areas are found in the south of the Counties of Cork and Kerry, but few are more than 800 m high. An extensive coastal plain stretches from Dublin 80 km northwards along the east coast and on this plain is found the main distribution area of the Irish Lolio—Cynosu retun. This coastal plain and also the Central Plain all lie below 150m.


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