Referential Semantics

  • Ryszard Wójcicki
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A (partial) valuation for a language S on a set T of reference points is a (partial) function v: T × S → {0,1}. A (partial) frame interpretation for S is a couple (f, H), where f is a structure (called frame) defined on a set T and H is a set of (partial) valuations for S on T. It is logical iff (i) if vH, e is a substitution in S, then v e H, where v e (t, a) = v(t, ea) and (ii) if v,wH and v(t,p) = w(t,p) for alltand all variables p,then v = w.


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    The following should be observed. We shall not try to mate precise what we mean by definability of elements of H in terms of constituents of F thus the two notions we have introduced should be treated as semiformal.Google Scholar
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    The Thomason interpretation for Nelson logic covers its quantificational variant. Some doubt concerning the adequacy of Thomason semantics was raised in Hazen [19801, however they do not concern the propositional part of the interpretation and thus are not relevant for our considerations.Google Scholar

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