Aquinas Makes up his Mind

  • Michael Bertram Crowe


We turn now to the ‘final synthesis’ of the Summa Theologiae; and may hope to look upon that familiar profile of the natural law with more critical eyes because of what we have seen of its background, immediate in Thomas’s personal development and remote in the speculations and disagreements of his predecessors.


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    l-2ae, q. 91, a. 2 ad 3. Whether or not it is convincing to speak of the natural law as a law in the sense in which human law is law is another matter and raises wider questions, not discussed here. It may, however, be suggested that for Aquinas the notion of law is analogical, not univocal. Cf. M.J. Adler, “A Question about Law” in Essays in Thomism (ed. R.E. Brennan); O. Lottin, “La valeur des formules de s. Thomas d’Aquin concernant la loi naturelle” in Mélanges Maréchal, II, pp. 345-357; J. Leclercq, La philosophie morale de saint Thomas d’Aquin devant la pensée contemporaine, pp. 386-388; D. O’Donoghue, “The Thomist Concept of Natural Law” in Irish Theological Quarterly, 22 (1955), pp. 90–92, 103-105; R. Stone, “Dr. Johnson: Philologist or Philosopher?” (on the definition of law) in Cambridge Review, Nov. 14, 1964, pp. 114-121; S. Cotta, Il concetto di legge nella Summa theologiae di S. Tommaso d’Aquino, pp. 15-41.Google Scholar
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