Earlier Benelux Problems

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In the first ten years after the Second World War Dutch organised agriculture was not very active on international issues. On the two major issues of European economic integration in these years, the ideas of a Benelux Economic Union and of a European organisation of agricultural markets, organised agriculture was often stimulated into activity by the then Minister of Agriculture, S. L. Mansholt, a man with wide experience of agricultural problems and farming, and possessing the ability to make up his own mind. He adopted the practice of constant consultation with organised agriculture on most issues of policy, both national and international. An impelling motive for this consultation was possibly the fact that the Minister was a Labour Party member of a Cabinet which comprised a number of members who belonged to one or other of the confessional parties; these parties have always been highly dependent on rural support. To obtain, then, the support of organised agriculture for his policies was to place himself in a stronger position within the Cabinet.


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