The Kashmir Imbroglio

  • Jyoti Bhusan Das Gupta


In choosing 1957 as her year of appeal to the Security Council for a revitalization of the Kashmir problem, Pakistan showed considerable diplomatic adroitness. The Indian foreign policy was then in the doldrums — Suez and Hungary between them had laid bare the hitherto latent contradiction of a policy aimed at maintaining an equidistant relationship with the two rival blocs. The former had led India farther east of the West, the latter showed uncomfortable signs of a possible rupture of relations with the East. Earlier, the Soviet leaders’ unqualified support to India in her conflict with Pakistan had drawn heavily on whatever was left of the Western reservoir of good will for India, and Pakistan’s successful conclusion of the military alliances assured her of solid bloc support in her struggle for Kashmir. The bitter controversy India raised over the issue of military alliance did precious little to help her get round the difficulty, it only increased the Western resolve to work out the logic of the arrangements to the full. The growing evidence of India’s willingness to come to terms with the Communist Powers, exemplified by her vigorous cultivation of the friendship of Russia and China, heightened Western apprehensions that India was about to be lost, and with perfect sense of timing Pakistan made her appearance before the international audience as the contestant for the coveted land of Kashmir. The stage was set in the Security Council.


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