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Any examination of military theory tends to be frustrating. It seems, as one reads along, that all one is encountering is the injunction to win or, with rare originality of phrasing, not to lose. Frunze also indulges in such counsel. He has, however, done somehting more. He has suggested that there is a peculiarly proletarian method of waging war and that this method should have its doctrine. As one of the supports of this belief and as one of the first communists to attempt to provide the doctrine, he is a significant character in Soviet military history and, indeed, in all modern military history.


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    Maginot, of course, was no military theorist in the usual sense of the word. His name is here applied to the French theory of defense which grew during his term as French Minister of War and which waxed under Panlevé and later ministers.Google Scholar

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