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The C.M.I. met at Rijeka in 1959 to consider, inter alia, the reform of art. X. The clear purpose of the Conference was to redraft art. X so as to extend the application of the Rules as much as possible.1 Originally, the point of contact with states applying the Rules had been the place where the bill was issued. Under the proposed reform, this was replaced by firstly, the port of loading, which would usually also be the place where the bill was issued. Secondly, a new point of contact was established in the port of discharge or one of the optional ports of discharge. This meant that the Rules would apply to shipments into HCPs regardless of whether the port of loading was in a HCP. Thus the new art. X would justify the existing provisions in states such as the U.S.A. and Belgium, in which the Rules already applied to inward shipments.


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