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No journal is exclusively devoted to colonial history; articles on this subject are to be found especially in general historical periodicals or in journals dealing with colonial problems. As regards the first category, the Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis (Historical Review, abbr. T.v.G.; 72 volumes) contains extensive critical reviews of nearly all new publications and an occasional article on colonial history; similar articles are to be found in the Bijdragen voor de Geschiedenis der Nederlanden (Contributions to the History of the Netherlands, abbr. B.G.N.; 88 vols.; before 1946 the title of this review was Bijdragen voor Vaderlandsche Geschiedenis en Oudheidkunde, Contributions to National History and Archeology, abbr. B.V.G.), but reviews were only given of the most important books. However, since 1946 all books and all articles are briefly mentioned in the section on the History of the Overseas Territories in the chronicle of the last-mentioned journal. Before the war, articles of a historical nature were to be found regularly in De Indische Gids (The Indies Guide, abbr. LG., 62 vols.), Koloniale Studiën (Colonial Studies, published at Batavia, abbr. K.S. 25 vols.), and the Koloniaal Tijdschrift (Colonial Review, the periodical of the Civil Service, abbr. K.T., 30 vols.). However, these three papers all suspended publication in 1940 and 1942 respectively. In their place only one new periodical has appeared, viz. Indonesië (abbr. Ind., 10 vols.) in which, contrary to the idea suggested by its title, general colonial and tropical problems are also discussed. It often contains historical articles and in order to reach a wider public these are quite often published in English. In view of the difficulties with the Indonesian Republic, publication was suspended on 1 January 1958. De West-Indische Gids (The West Indies Guide, abbr. W.I.G., 39 vols.) passed safely through the war, but at present it contains fewer historical articles than formerly.


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    The former Ministry of Overseas Territories at the Hague also possessed an extensive library in the field of colonial affairs and colonial history. This library is now in the Home Office.Google Scholar

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