• Theodore G. Th. Pigeaud
Part of the Koninklijk Institut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde book series (KOITV, volume 5)


Professor Krom’s Nāgara-Kěrtāgamna edition of 1919 contained several lists and indexes to show the way through the maze of unfamiliar names of persons and places mentioned in the text. In concordance with the broadened scope of the present book the old lists have been brought up to date and some new ones have been added. It is hoped that they will prove to be of some use to readers who, though not being expert in rebus Javanicis, still would take cognizance of history and development of culture in one of the most interesting islands of the Indian Archipelago. The alphabetical index of subjects treated in volumes II and IV of the present book is specially recommended to their attention.

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