Charter of Karang Bogĕm

1387 A.D.
  • Theodore G. Th. Pigeaud
Part of the Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde book series (KOITV, volume 4,2)


The copperplate of 1387 belongs to a group of plates that was found in 1918 in Trawulan, in the district of Mådjåkĕrtå in Eastern Java. Van Stein Callenfels published a note on them and a transcription of some of them in Oudheidkundig Verstag 1918, p. 108, 143 and 169, calling them “the Charters of Trawulan”. So the copperplate of 1387 has been known as “Trawulan V”. As it seems more reasonable to call the plates after the places or the persons to whom they refer, the copperplate of 1387 is called “the Charter of Karang Bogĕm” in the present book.


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