Decree Jaya Song about

1350 A.D.
  • Theodore G. Th. Pigeaud
Part of the Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde book series (KOITV, volume 4,2)


The five copperplates were found in Bĕndosari (district of Trĕnggalek, residency of Kaṇḍiri) in 1896. The first plate is lost, therefore the date is not known. Krom’s suggestion (T.B.G. 53, p. 417) that the plates were issued between 1350 and 1365 seems very probable. Brandes’ transcription has been published as no LXXXV in Oud-Javaansche Oorkonden II, 1913. The plates are in a good condition. The mistakes of the scribe are not numerous and easy to correct.

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