The Effect of Liming and Fertilisers on the Botanical Composition of Permanent Grassland

  • J. M. Thurston
Part of the Berichte über die Internationalen Symposia der Internationalen Vereinigung für Vegetationskunde book series (TUEN, volume 9)


On Rothamsted farm there is an experiment, begun in 1856, on the effect of fertilisers on yield and quality of hay from permanent grassland 1, 2, 3. Some treatments were changed and a few plots were added in the early years of the experiment, in the light of experience gained, but no major changes were made between 1903 and 1964, and 15 plots still receive their original treatments. The plant communities differ greatly according to treatment and now change very little between years. Soil-type, aspect and weather are the same for all plots.


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